ShenZhen KeYu Co.,ltd founded in 1995, it is professional manufacturer of industrial input devices (metal keyboard), widely used in hospital, banking, security, military, access control and unattended industry.

Metal keyboard manufacturer


  • Professional、Focused:more than 27+ years
  • High quality sealed products
  • Experienced Software/Hardwareteam to service and support our customers timely
  • In-house extended ESD, Metal dome life-span,and Vibration testing
  • Maintenance free products 
  • In house development 
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  • Flexible customization solutions

What do we offer

  • Metal keyboards/keypads
  • Metal trackballs /pointing devices
  • Industrial keyboard
  • Menbrane keyboard
  • kiosk keyboard
  • Stainless steel keyboard
  • PCI EPP(Encryption pinpad)
  • Customization keyboard
  •  Medical keyboard

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  • Innovative
  • Dedicated
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The difference of metal keyboard and mechanical keyboard

       Metal keyboard is a kind of special keyboard, but its working principle is basically the same as that of ordinary keyboard, and its internal structure is also similar. The metal keyboard uses silica gel and elastic pieces as switches. Of course, it can also be made with mechanical switch keys. The biggest feature of the metal keyboard is that because its surface is made of special metal materials and has a solid appearance, it can achieve the effect of anti riot. Therefore, most of it is used in some public places and unattended places, and it can also achieve the functions that ordinary keyboards do not have, such as dust-proof and waterproof. Therefore, input devices with special environmental requirements can use such keyboards, which can be widely used in the fields of financial equipment, communication equipment, military equipment, and a series of self-service terminal devices. There are also many installation methods, including embedded, panel, desktop, and other security methods.

       Most of the metal keyboards on the market are made of 304 stainless steel, which can be used in harsh environmental conditions through solid metal materials and a series of special technical means. The input of this type of keyboard is not as sensitive as a regular keyboard, and the typing speed is relatively slow

Mechanical keyboard:

    Mechanical keyboard is a type of keyboard, where each button has a separate switch to control closure. This switch is also known as the “axis”, and there are many types on the market, including green axis, black axis, tea axis, red axis, etc. This is the classification of micro switches, and the touch of the buttons varies. It is precisely because each button is composed of an independent micro movement that the paragraph feeling of the button is strong, resulting in a special feel suitable for gaming and entertainment. This general application is in the gaming industry, or some players who are interested in this aspect and pursue perfection.

1. The most important aspect of a mechanical keyboard is the shaft, which has a much longer lifespan than ordinary thin film keyboards. A better mechanical keyboard can have a lifespan of over 10 years

2. After prolonged use of mechanical keyboards, the tactile changes of the keys are minimal

3. Mechanical keyboards generally have no conflicts with more than 6 keys, and can even have full keys without conflicts. Industrial keyboards generally do not have this requirement

4. Another biggest feature is that players can change their keycaps themselves, which is very convenient for DIY