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Order placing process of metal keyboard

1. Communication needs

      Key count: Commonly used ones include: 16, 20, 24,

      Keyboard interface: USB, PS2, RS232, RS485, matrix

      Connection line length and keyboard size

      Installation method: embedded stainless steel keyboard, desktop stainless steel    keyboard

     Color: stainless steel natural color, black

     Backlight: Do you need a backlight function and the color of the backlight

     Braille: Do key words require Braille function (Braille keyboard)

     Button: size, flat button, high button

2. Need customization?

     Try to choose regular products as much as possible, which will shorten the delivery time and save costs more

     If customization is required, conduct sample development and design based on the communication results in step 1

     After confirming the product requirements, make payment and make samples according to the requirements

3. Confirm sample

     Sample production and testing


     The customer receives the sample, tests and confirms the sample, and proposes a change request

     If there are any changes, repeat production testing to meet customer requirements

4. Mass production