Company Introduce:

    Metal keyboard / Mouse Manufacturer  

      Founded in 1995, Shenzhen KEYU Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of  industrial input devices. Have a 4,500 square meters whole-owned factory with CNC and other new updated metal processing facilities on hand. KEYU is also known to keep the largest portfolio of over 1,000 sets of mould for metal keyboards and metal EPP. We have a very strong developing and manufacturing ability in metal processing.We accept various cooperation modes such as OEM, DEM, etc. We hope to render the assistance that you require and prosper together with our joint efforts!

   product: Metal Keyboard、Metal Trackball、Metal Touchpad、Metal Keypad、Metal Pinpad、Industrial Keyboard…



     As a reliable supplier of industrial keyboards, we have been sharing the equipment and systems with different customers and users all over the world. Our main market is China, South America, North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Mid East, and other international markets.

new product

The 62 key metal keyboard developed and produced by KEYU Technology is a stainless steel keyboard with a optical mouse. The keyboard can be used normally when placed in water. If the environment is relatively harsh, you can choose this model. Welcome to contact us.

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