Why are metal keyboards widely used in industry(Industrial keyboard


    Industrial keyboards are actually a type of keyboard, but they are mainly used in the industrial field and have the characteristics of commercial keyboards. They are more suitable for use in some special occasions and meet different applications.

    Industrial metal keyboards are widely used in petrochemical industry, machinery manufacturing, transportation, power, national defense, military industry, aerospace, Internet, agriculture, voice numerical control, automatic control, medical treatment, communication, measuring instruments, ATM machines, query terminals and other fields.

    The usage environment of industrial keyboards is greatly different from that of PC keyboards. In order to adapt to various environments, industrial keyboards need to have a higher level of protection and be able to adapt to harsh environments. While meeting functional requirements, it is necessary to ensure the lifespan of the keyboard, such as waterproof, oil resistant, and explosion-proof. The waterproof grade of industrial keys generally requires IP65 or even higher, such as IP67.

     Industrial keyboards must also be suitable for different motherboard manufacturers and have good compatibility. Due to the different designs of industrial motherboard manufacturers, inadequate keyboard design can lead to incompatibility issues with some manufacturers’ motherboards, resulting in unrecognizability or ineffective use. The stainless steel industrial keyboard developed by Shenzhen Keyu Technology Development Co., Ltd. has undergone more than 20 years of development and precipitation, and is suitable for various motherboards with good compatibility and strong stability.

     The industrial keyboard produced by Keyu can also be used under various operating systems, such as Window XP, Window 7, Window 8, Linux, Ubuntu, Android, etc.

There are two main purposes.

1. It can prevent dust, water, corrosion, and work under more extreme conditions.

2. It is relatively stable and sensitive to operation, mainly used for some industrial electronic equipment, and can accurately adjust and control machines.

3. Durable and sturdy, not easily damaged.