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Why do ATM machines use stainless steel keyboards

      In daily life, the most common keyboards we use are made of plastic, but in ATMs or some self-service devices, we can see keyboards made of stainless steel. This type of keyboard doesn’t feel very good when pressed, it is harder to press, has more elasticity, and is not as flexible. The input speed is slow, so why do we still use this design of keyboard?

     The stainless steel keyboards produced by Keyu Company are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel as the raw material, which has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and durability. 

    ATM, as a machine used in public places, has a diverse user base, with different input and operation methods and varying levels of quality. When he is in a good mood, he may use it normally, but when he is agitated, he may use it more violently, or even intentionally destroy it. Therefore, to protect the service life of the keyboard and reduce the maintenance cost of ATM, the use of metal keyboard is a good choice.

    After we press the button, there is a temperature difference between our fingers and the button, which can cause heat conduction. After we press the button, the temperature of the button changes. If a thermal camera is used, it is possible to observe which buttons have been pressed. Ordinary plastic has a low heat transfer efficiency and maintains the temperature for a long time, which increases the risk of password leakage; But stainless steel is different, with fast conduction and rapid temperature changes, making it difficult to catch the pressed button and making it difficult for someone with a heart to steal the password.

        The metal keyboard made of stainless steel is also waterproof, dustproof, explosion-proof, anti drilling, anti dismantling, anti leakage, anti eavesdropping, anti replacement keys, programs, and sensitive data self destruction.