• Custom keyboard

        We can customize various types of metal keyboards according to design requirements(USB、PS/2、RS232、RS485、Matrix keyboard/keypad…)、input device(trackball mouse、touchpad mouse)/

           Custom gold numeric keyboard

      Customized metal keyboards of different shapes

    Customized keyboard for industrial

Keyboard customization service, we can develop and produce various types of keyboards based on the drawings provided by customers 

Various keyboards with different interfaces can be customized


1. USB HID keyboard

2. RS232 keyboard

3. TTL interface keyboard

4. PS2 interface keyboard

5. RS485 interface keyboard

6. IIC interface keyboard

7. Matrix scanning port keyboard

Keyboard with different working principles

1. The mechanical keyboard adopts a metal contact switch, which works by making the contacts conductive or disconnected. It has the characteristics of simple process, high noise, easy maintenance, strong rhythm during typing, and long-term use without changing the touch.

2. The plastic film keyboard is divided into four layers internally, achieving no mechanical wear. Its characteristics are low price, low noise, and low cost, but after long-term use, the texture may change due to material issues. Has occupied the vast majority of the market share.

The structure of conductive rubber keyboard contacts is connected through conductive rubber. There is a layer of raised conductive rubber inside the keyboard, with each button corresponding to a raised surface. When pressed, the lower contacts are connected. This type of keyboard is a transitional product in the market from mechanical keyboards to thin film keyboards.

4. The contactless electrostatic capacitance keyboard uses a principle similar to a capacitive switch, which changes the capacitance capacity by changing the distance between electrodes when pressing the button, thereby driving the encoder. The characteristic is no wear and good sealing.

Number of keyboard keys

1. Commonly used 12, 16, 20, and 24 key numeric keyboards

2. PC keyboard with 61 keys, 83 keys, 87 keys, 104 keys, and 107 keys

3. Any other keyboard with any number of keys can be customized

Keyboard types made of different materials

1. Thin film keyboard.

2. Mechanical keyboard.

3. Metal keyboard.

Specific functional design requirements

1. Backlight function

2. Braille (Braille keyboard)

3. Different colors (stainless steel natural color, black, gold-plated, banknote spray, etc.)

4. Combination keys, specific function keys

5. Explosion proof keyboard design

Installation method

1. Desktop metal keyboard

2. Embedded keyboard

3. Panel mounted stainless steel keyboard

Relevant certifications

1. CE certification

2. RoHS certification

3. FCC certification

4. EMC certification

5. IP65, IP66, IP67 certification

6. IK07 certification

7. BIS certification