In the civil field, mechanical mouse is mainly composed of ball, roller and grating signal sensor. When you drag the mouse, drive the ball to rotate, the ball drives the roller to rotate, installed in the end of the roller grating signal sensor generated photoelectric pulse signal reflects the mouse in the vertical and horizontal direction of displacement changes, and then through the computer program processing and conversion to control the movement of the cursor arrow on the screen. Instead of a flaky wheel at the bottom that is perpendicular to each other, it uses a colloidal ball that rolls in four directions to keep the mouse on the screenA mechanical mouse, also called a roller mouse, consists of a ball, a bearing, and a photoelectric sensor. Civil mechanical mouse can be turned over to see, if there is a rolling ball, this is the mechanical mouse, another kind of mechanical track ball used in industry, self-service machine and other industries, you can see a ball (stainless steel ball, resin ball, etc.), this is also the traditional mechanical mouse.Working principle: When the ball rotates, the ball drives the bearing to rotate, and then drives the grating filter to rotate. The photoelectric sensor transmits the signal to the MCU, and the MCU transmits the speed and direction of the ball to the computer, thus achieving the function of the mouse. Advantages and Disadvantages of the mechanical mouse: Advantages :fault analysis and maintenance are relatively simple, most of the fault is for the interface or key contact is bad, broken line, mechanical positioning system dirty. Disadvantages:After being used for a period of time, especially in poor environment, the sticky dust brought by the rolling ball adheres to the bearing, which may cause the bearing to rotate unevenly or get stuck, leading to the reduction of sensitivity, and the control will not be as flexible, accurate and fast as when it was just bought.

The mechanical trackball mouse developed by Keyu Technology, after years of technology precipitation, from the rolling ball, electronic components selection, excellent structure design, programming and other aspects, the research and development of the metal mouse, has the advantages of stable quality, flexible rotation, reliable and durable.

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