Product name:Silicone keyboard

    Product model:KY-GJ-98-BL

    Product overview:With 98 keys in total, it is a specially designed industrial keyboard with a touch screen. Integrated keyboard and mouse, durable, waterproof and washable, silicone material, silicone surface provides comfortable typing experience. Can be used in medical, pharmaceutical, industrial and so on.

    Main features:

    • exquisite, unique, easy to wipe the buttons
    • Hard to hide dirt
    • easy to clean surface
    • integrated pointing device
    • Dustproof and waterproof grade:IP68
    • Suitable for rinsing with cleaning and disinfectant solution. Not affected by medical cleaning solution
    • Material :100% silicone rubber
    • hardness: 45 + / – 3 degrees
    • flammability: FV 0
    • * Heat resistance: 200° for 10000 hours of continuous use;
    • * Cold resistance :-50 degrees to -70 degrees still has good elasticity,
    • with the function of backlight
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